Obtaining a fishing license in Mississippi is essential for both residents and non-residents who wish to fish in the state’s public waters. This guide will provide you with all the necessary information to get your fishing license in Mississippi for 2024.

Who Needs a Fishing License?

  • Residents: All residents aged 16 to 64 must have a fishing license to fish in public waters, including lakes and reservoirs, but not in privately owned ponds and streams.
  • Non-Residents: All non-residents aged 16 and over must obtain a fishing license to fish in Mississippi’s fresh or marine waters.


Certain individuals are exempt from needing a fishing license:

  • Residents under 16 years of age.
  • Residents aged 65 and older: They must purchase a lifetime recreational saltwater fishing license for a one-time fee of $7.29.
  • Disabled residents: Those who are visually impaired, paraplegic, multiple-amputee, or adjudged totally disabled by the Social Security Administration or Veterans Administration.

Types of Fishing Licenses

Mississippi offers various types of fishing licenses, including:

  • Freshwater Fishing License: Required for fishing in freshwater bodies north of Interstate 10.
  • Saltwater Fishing License: Required for fishing in marine waters south of U.S. Highway 90.
  • Combination Licenses: Available for those who fish in both fresh and saltwater areas between Interstate 10 and U.S. Highway 90.
  • Temporary Licenses: 1-day, 3-day, and annual licenses are available for both residents and non-residents.

License Costs

Here are some of the costs associated with fishing licenses in Mississippi:

License TypeResident CostNon-Resident Cost
Freshwater Fishing$10.00$60.00
Saltwater Fishing$10.00$34.29
3-Day Freshwater Fishing$3.00$15.00
1-Day Freshwater Fishing$8.00$8.00
Lifetime Saltwater (65+)$7.29N/A

Additional fees may apply for processing and agent services.

Where to Purchase

Fishing licenses can be purchased through several methods:

  1. Online: The easiest way to purchase a fishing license is through the Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks website.
  2. Phone: Call 1-800-546-4868 for 24-hour license sales.
  3. In-Person: Licenses can be bought at the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources office, most Wal-Mart stores, sporting goods stores, bait shops, and fishing camps.
  4. Mail: Applications can be mailed to the MDWFP office in Jackson.

Required Documentation

When purchasing a fishing license, you may need to provide:

  • Proof of residency (driver’s license, state tax return, etc.).
  • Proof of age or disability status for exemptions.
  • Valid boat registration and liability insurance for guide licenses.

Conservation Efforts

Fishing license fees support various conservation initiatives, including habitat restoration and public access to fishing opportunities. Highlighting these efforts can encourage anglers to comply with licensing requirements and contribute to the sustainability of Mississippi’s fishing resources.

Additional Information

  • Free Fishing Days: Mississippi offers free fishing days where no license is required, typically during the first weekend of National Fishing and Boating Week in June and on July 4.
  • Recreational Offshore Landing Permit (ROLP): Required for anglers fishing for reef species such as snapper and grouper starting February 1, 2024.

For more detailed information and to purchase your fishing license, visit the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks website or contact their office directly.


Obtaining a fishing license in Mississippi is a simple process that supports conservation efforts and ensures sustainable fishing practices. Whether you are a resident or a non-resident, make sure to get the appropriate license before heading out to enjoy the rich fishing opportunities in the state. For the most convenient experience, consider purchasing your license online through the MDWFP website.

Can I use my fishing license from another state in Mississippi?

No, out-of-state fishing licenses are not valid in Mississippi. You must purchase a non-resident fishing license from the MDWFP to legally fish in the state’s waters.

Do I need a separate license for freshwater and saltwater fishing?

Yes, Mississippi requires separate licenses for freshwater and saltwater fishing. If you plan to fish in both environments, you’ll need to purchase a combination license or individual licenses for each type of fishing.

Can I fish on private ponds without a license?

Yes, you do not need a fishing license to fish on privately owned ponds and streams located entirely within the property lines of the owner. However, you will need a license to fish in public waters, such as lakes and reservoirs.

How long is a Mississippi fishing license valid?

Most Mississippi fishing licenses, except for lifetime licenses, are valid for 365 days from the date of purchase or the expiration date of your current license.

Can I renew my fishing license online?

Yes, you can renew your Mississippi fishing license online through the MDWFP website. Simply log in with your driver’s license information (or Social Security Number if under 16) and follow the prompts to complete the renewal process.

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