Getting a fishing license in New Jersey for 2024 is a straightforward process that ensures you can enjoy the state’s diverse fishing opportunities while contributing to conservation efforts. This guide will walk you through the types of licenses available, costs, eligibility requirements, and how to purchase your license.

Who Needs a Fishing License?

In New Jersey, anyone aged 16 and older must have a valid fishing license to fish in freshwater. This includes both public and private waters. However, there are some exemptions:

  • Residents aged 70 and older do not need a fishing license or trout stamp. They must carry proof of age, such as a driver’s license.
  • Anglers under the age of 16 are also exempt from needing a license.
  • Farmers and their immediate family members who live on the farm do not need a license to fish on their own property.

Types of Fishing Licenses and Costs

New Jersey offers various fishing licenses to cater to different needs. Here are the main types:

Resident Licenses

  • Annual Fishing License (Ages 16-64): $22.50
  • Annual Senior Fishing License (Ages 65-69): $12.50
  • Trout Stamp (Ages 16-69): $10.50
  • All-Around Sportsman License: $72.25 (includes fishing, firearm hunting, and bow/arrow hunting).

Non-Resident Licenses

  • Annual Fishing License: $34.00
  • 7-Day Vacation Fishing License: $19.50
  • 2-Day Vacation Fishing License: $9.00
  • Non-Resident Trout Stamp: $20.00.

Special Programs and Discounts

New Jersey offers several special programs and discounts to make fishing more accessible:

  • Buddy License Program: This program offers nearly 50% off for two new anglers or a current and a new angler purchasing licenses together.
  • Free Fishing Days: No license is required on June 1 and October 19, 2024. These days are designed to encourage more people to try fishing.

How to Purchase a Fishing License

Purchasing a fishing license in New Jersey is easy and can be done in several ways:


In Person

  • Visit a licensed agent throughout the state. Use the License Agent Locator app to find an agent near you.


Additional Requirements

  • Conservation Identification Number (CID): Required for all license holders. First-time applicants can obtain a CID when creating a customer account on the license website or at an agent.
  • Display Requirement: Licenses must be visibly displayed on outer clothing while fishing.
  • Child Support Certification: Must be completed annually before purchasing a license.

Conservation Efforts

Fishing license fees support various conservation initiatives, including habitat restoration and public access to fishing opportunities. By purchasing a license, you are contributing to the sustainability of New Jersey’s fishing resources for future generations.


Obtaining a fishing license in New Jersey for 2024 is a simple process that supports conservation efforts and ensures you can enjoy the state’s rich fishing opportunities. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, there are various license options to suit your needs. Remember to follow all regulations and display your license while fishing. Happy fishing!

For more detailed information and to purchase your license, visit the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife website.

Do I need a separate license for freshwater and saltwater fishing in New Jersey?

Yes, New Jersey offers separate licenses for freshwater and saltwater fishing. However, you can also purchase an all-water fishing license that covers both freshwater and saltwater fishing privileges.

Can I use my New Jersey fishing license in other states?

No, your New Jersey fishing license is only valid within the state’s boundaries. If you plan to fish in other states, you’ll need to obtain the appropriate license for that specific state.

Are there any discounts available for fishing licenses in New Jersey?

Yes, New Jersey offers discounted licenses for seniors (ages 65 and older), disabled veterans, and youth (ages 16-17). Additionally, some licenses may be free for certain groups, such as disabled veterans who are residents of New Jersey.

Can I purchase a fishing license that covers multiple years?

No, fishing licenses in New Jersey are issued annually and must be renewed each year. However, the renewal process is typically straightforward, and you can purchase your new license online or through authorized agents.

What happens if I’m caught fishing without a valid license in New Jersey?

Fishing without a valid license in New Jersey is considered a violation of state regulations and can result in fines or penalties. It’s essential to obtain the appropriate license before engaging in any fishing activities to avoid legal consequences and contribute to the state’s conservation efforts.

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