At a Glance:

  • Resident Annual Fishing License: $25
  • Non-Resident Annual Fishing License: $51
  • Trout Stamp (Required for trout fishing): $10 validation + $0.75 for pictorial stamp
  • Where to Buy: Minnesota DNR website, phone, retail agents

Fishing in the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” requires an annual license for anglers 16 and older. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about getting a Minnesota fishing license in 2024, including costs, exemptions, and purchasing details.

Resident Minnesota Fishing License Costs

Annual Licenses

License TypeIndividual CostMarried Couple Cost
Regular Annual Fishing$25$40
Conservation Annual Fishing (Half Limits)$17$27
Sports (Fishing + Small Game Hunting)$41$57
Super Sports (Fishing, Hunting, Trout Stamp)$100$126

Minnesota residents can choose from regular annual fishing licenses or opt for a combined hunting and fishing license. The Conservation option provides a discount but limits your catch to half the regular limits.

Married couples benefit from a reduced combination rate. The Super Sports license is an all-inclusive option that covers fishing, hunting, and trout fishing.

Short-Term Licenses

License TypeCost

For shorter visits or infrequent anglers, Minnesota offers daily and multi-day options as well as a 3-year license.

Lifetime Licenses

Minnesota residents can purchase a Lifetime License that covers fishing (and optionally hunting) with a one-time fee based on the buyer’s age:

AgeFishingFishing & Hunting

A Lifetime License can be a cost-effective option for avid Minnesota anglers and can also be purchased for children from a young age.

Additional Costs:

  • Trout Stamp (Required for trout fishing): $10 validation + $0.75 for optional pictorial stamp
  • Walleye Stamp (Voluntary): $5 validation + $0.75 for pictorial stamp

Non-Resident Minnesota Fishing License Costs

Annual Non-Resident Licenses

License TypeCost
Individual Annual$51
Annual Family (Married Couple + Kids)$68

Non-residents of any age must purchase an annual Minnesota fishing license, with options for an individual or family license covering married spouses and children.

Short-Term Non-Resident Licenses

License TypeCost
14-Day Married Couple$54

For shorter visits, non-residents can choose from daily to 14-day options, with a discount for married couples purchasing the 14-day license together.

Lifetime Non-Resident Licenses
Non-residents can also purchase a Lifetime License, though costs are significantly higher than for residents:


Exemptions – Who Doesn’t Need a Minnesota Fishing License?

  • Residents under 16 years old
  • Residents 90 years and older
  • Residents fishing on their own legally-owned land for private use
  • Anyone fishing in a Minnesota State Park (for most species)

Where to Buy a Minnesota Fishing License

You can purchase Minnesota fishing licenses:

Online and phone purchases have an additional 3% convenience fee. Licenses purchased by mail have an extra $1.50 handling fee.

Important Notes

  • Minnesota fishing licenses are valid for one year from March 1 through the last day of February.
  • Revenue from fishing license sales goes into the Game and Fish Fund, which is dedicated to funding DNR fish and wildlife initiatives.
  • Make sure to review the Minnesota Fishing Regulations booklet for limits, seasons, and other rules before fishing.

With a wide range of options from daily to lifetime licenses for residents and non-residents alike, getting a Minnesota fishing license is straightforward and accessible. The costs are in line with neighboring states, and the revenue helps sustain the state’s prized lakes, rivers, and fisheries. So grab your license, gear up, and enjoy world-class angling in the “Land of 10,000 Lakes!”

Do I need a separate license for ice fishing?

No, a regular fishing license covers both open water and ice fishing in Minnesota. However, if you plan to use a dark house or other fixed shelter for ice fishing, you will need to purchase an additional shelter license.

Can I assist a child or disabled person with fishing without a license?

Yes, adults can assist children under 16 or disabled anglers with fishing without needing a separate license. However, the child or disabled angler must hold the rod, set the hook, and reel in the fish.

Are there any free fishing periods in Minnesota?

Yes, Minnesota offers several free fishing periods throughout the year, including:
Take a Mom Fishing Weekend: Resident moms can fish without a license on this weekend in May.
Take a Kid Fishing Weekend: Residents aged 16 and older can fish without a license if accompanied by children under 16 on this weekend in June.
Take a Kid Ice Fishing Weekend: Residents aged 16 and older can ice fish without a license if accompanied by children under 16 on this weekend in January.

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