A Resident Sportsman’s Lifetime Combination License is the ultimate pass for avid hunters and anglers, providing all the privileges of regular hunting and fishing licenses for the lifetime of the license holder. This all-inclusive license typically covers hunting for big game, small game, fishing, and sometimes additional permits like archery, muzzleloader, migratory birds, and more, depending on the state.

The specific privileges vary by state, but in general, a lifetime combination license allows residents to enjoy a wide range of hunting and fishing activities allowed in their state, without having to purchase separate licenses each year. The best part? The license remains valid even if you move out of state later on.

Eligibility and Fees

Lifetime combination licenses are only available for purchase by residents of the issuing state. Age requirements and fees vary:

  • Georgia: Available for infants (under 2) for $500, youth (2-15) for $600, adults (16-59) for $750, and seniors (60+) for $315.
  • Florida: Available for 4 and under at $401.50, ages 5-12 at $701.50, and 13+ at $1001.50.
  • Tennessee: Charges $1,272 for ages 12+, $371 for ages 1-11, and $212 for under 1 year old.
  • Pennsylvania: Residents 65+ can get a senior lifetime combo license for $101.97.

While the upfront cost is significant, a lifetime license can provide substantial savings over time compared to purchasing annual licenses every year over one’s lifetime. It’s a worthwhile investment for those who plan to hunt and fish for many years to come.

How to Purchase

The process to buy a lifetime combination license depends on the state:

  • Pennsylvania: Allows purchasing it online, by phone, or from any license agent.
  • Georgia: Requires mailing in an application form to their DNR office, along with proof of residency.
  • California: Applications must be mailed in or submitted to a CDFW license sales office.

Most states require documentation like a driver’s license, state ID card, and/or birth certificate to prove residency and age. It’s important to check your state’s specific requirements and follow their procedures to obtain your lifetime license.

Annual Renewal and Replacement

Even with a lifetime license, holders may need to renew it each year (at no additional cost) to receive valid tags, permits, and stay in the state’s system. Some key points:

  • California: Lifetime license holders can renew each year online, by phone, or at any license agent to get their annual tags and validations.
  • Tennessee: Requires lifetime license holders to provide their SSN and proof of residency when renewing for the first time.

Replacement cards for lost or damaged lifetime licenses can usually be obtained for a small fee. So while you won’t have to pay for a new license each year, there may still be a simple annual process to ensure your license stays current.

Benefits of a Lifetime License

Beyond the cost savings and convenience of never having to buy another hunting or fishing license, a lifetime license offers some additional benefits:

  • Conservation Support: In many states, the funds from lifetime license sales go into a dedicated wildlife endowment fund, supporting conservation efforts, habitat restoration, research, and educational programs.
  • Exclusive Perks: Some states offer special perks to lifetime license holders, like exclusive access to certain wildlife management areas or exemptions from certain permit fees.
  • Meaningful Gift: A lifetime license can be a meaningful gift for children or grandchildren that fosters a lifelong passion for the outdoors.
  • Hassle-Free: It eliminates the hassle of remembering to renew your license each year and worrying about price increases over time.


A Resident Sportsman’s Lifetime Combination License is the ultimate investment for dedicated hunters and anglers. While the initial cost is high, it provides a lifetime of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, while supporting conservation efforts in your state. If you see yourself hunting and fishing for many years to come, it’s hard to beat the savings, convenience, and benefits that a lifetime license offers. As always, check your state’s specific regulations and requirements to take advantage of this valuable opportunity.

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